Tagg! – Dog Tracker


I purchased this pet tracker about a week ago. I travel often and my roommates look after my dog and like a crazy dog lady I worry. Dogs can push boundaries with people other than their owners and my smart GSD is no exception!

I think micro chipping is great and very needed but I worry that Kinley (being the “scary” looking dog that she is) will not be picked up by someone and taken to the vet to be scanned. So Tagg is my solution! It not only tracks her activity but also is a GPS! If ever she got away from my roommate on a walk or chew threw a leash, I could help the caretakers find her.

Tagg is sold at all Verizon stores or can be found online. Tip: Tagg bought Whistle and they are coming out with a better version of what I have come May 1st. You can order now though!