Chipped tooth


While brushing Kinley’s teeth I noticed one of her incisors was missing. She broke it off! I suspect it was the marrow bones I was giving her. So we are taking a long break from those and perhaps sticking with rawhides. In the picture it is the brownish tooth. It is supposed to be a bit longer but luckily it wasn’t her canines

Guilty dog mom seeking guidance!

Hey Bloggoverse,

My almost 2 year old Shepherd has an abundance of energy. So, I am hoping to hear what you guys do structure wise as well as exercise wise for your dogs.

I know she is under stimulated and I would love to be a better owner. So what are your morning/evening routines? And tips for creating calm times in the house?

12-15-2014 288


I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who follows my blog! I started blogging for a lot of reasons. To have a platform to talk about Kinley, to learn from other loyal pet owners, and also as part of a quest to be happier.

I never imagined the sense of community that I would feel through blogging. I love seeing all of your triumphs and crazy antics. So, thank you!!!

Happy New Year Friends!