Our Favorite Things

fur 1fur3This silicone, collapsible bowl accompanies us everywhere. I clip it on to my backpack for long walks, hiking. etc.

The price ranges from $3.00-$10.00



Kong! One of the most durable toys out there. This pink Kong has been through the worst and is still standing. From peanut butter, dog bones, and Kong treats it is a pretty versatile toy that you can stuff with just about anything. It’s ability to bounce makes fetch a little more fun. This toy ranges from $7.99-$15.00

big jac

Now introducing Bil Jac. I buy this refrigerated dog food/treats at The Dog Knowledge for $10.00 for this 5lb bag. This is a great training treat that you can ball in your hand and not worry about using a bag. Kinley loves it and that is a great thing for a dog that is not food motivated.


This Frisbee has been through the ringer. Luckily, they are about $1.99 each so I usually have about 3 in the house.
It took awhile for Kinley to get the hang of catching the Frisbee but she finally has it down.





This $30.00 deshedder has been worth every penny!







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