Opinions wanted and needed!

Hi Blog Family,ktdk

You all frequently give me awesome advice and insight to chew on. So, I want to know what you think!

I will be traveling for a week in the beginning of May and need to board Kinley at our favorite place, The Dog Knowledge. So, I started to look into the training packages they offer (two birds, one stone). After exploring, they felt it best to do a 4 week live in training program.

It is 1,745.00 (about $62.00 a day) for 28 days. I have been going there for a long time and often when I drop her off for daycare they are training. It is a beautiful, calm, and happy environment. They do 6-10 training sessions a day, 15 minutes of training and 45 minutes of play.

The thought of not sleeping with her or seeing her face for 4 weeks is so daunting but they do allow you to come by anytime to watch training and of course send pictures. I know Kinley is a working breed and I have a feeling she would love it and it would build her confidence.

What do you guys think? Brutal honesty people, I have thick skin.

Chipped tooth


While brushing Kinley’s teeth I noticed one of her incisors was missing. She broke it off! I suspect it was the marrow bones I was giving her. So we are taking a long break from those and perhaps sticking with rawhides. In the picture it is the brownish tooth. It is supposed to be a bit longer but luckily it wasn’t her canines

Guilty dog mom seeking guidance!

Hey Bloggoverse,

My almost 2 year old Shepherd has an abundance of energy. So, I am hoping to hear what you guys do structure wise as well as exercise wise for your dogs.

I know she is under stimulated and I would love to be a better owner. So what are your morning/evening routines? And tips for creating calm times in the house?

12-15-2014 288


I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who follows my blog! I started blogging for a lot of reasons. To have a platform to talk about Kinley, to learn from other loyal pet owners, and also as part of a quest to be happier.

I never imagined the sense of community that I would feel through blogging. I love seeing all of your triumphs and crazy antics. So, thank you!!!

Happy New Year Friends!

My dream breed…or so I thought

2014-2015 ;) 1131Ever since I can remember, I had always wanted a Golden Retriever. These cuddly, sweet, eager to please pups seem to be the best match for my personality. Sadie, pictured left, is my sisters 8 year old golden. She is one of the many Goldens that I came into contact with over the years and immediately stole my heart.

Through out my life I had been around Shepherds too. Cindy, was the first and only dog that bit me. She was old and cranky and I was young and most likely annoying. Then there was Packer, my best friend’s dog. Her step dad was a warden at a jail and Packer was his well trained companion. I encounter these dogs and at the time it meant very little to me.

Then I met Jackie. An all black Shepherd who was own by a man I was trying to win over. It took me about 6 months of obedience and correction on all the mistakes I was making, to learn how to behave and handle Jackie. With time I became confident and he grew to like me as well.

This dog was loyal, smart, athletic, a real companion that was able to come along for any ride or trip. But even with those stellar qualities, did I want an independent dog who didn’t need the affection that I so badly wanted from a dog companion?

I am so happy that I chose a Shepherd. Kinley is more than I could ever ask for in a dog companion and continues to impress me everyday. She will often join me on the couch for a quick cuddle and luckily allows me to drag her to the top of the bed every morning to cuddle for about 5 minutes while she is still to sleepy to realize it is almost time to go outside and eat!

What was your dream breed and what do you have now???


Top Ten Dog Behavior Myths

Some where along the way while educating and getting educated we have created absolutes. I love this post because it reminds us to not fall into that trap.
There have been so many times when people have told me that Kinley just wants to please me. Dont’ get me wrong, Kinley loves me but she doesn’t do much to try to please me. She loves to play, eat, explore, and she is prey motivated. I have seen dogs who live for affection and praise (lots of Goldens) but my dog does not. I am almost positive that she would be content if we never touched or spoke. She loves my presence.


This is a post made by Jean Donaldson (see link below).  I have added the pictures of Max and Sophia just because I like them.


Jean Donaldson’s “Top 10 Dog Behavior Myths”

Jean Donaldson is the founder of the San Francisco SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers. Her books include The Culture Clash, Dogs Are From Neptune and MINE! A Guide to Resource Guarding in Dogs.

1) Dogs are naturally pack animals with a clear social order.
This one busts coming out of the gate as free-ranging dogs (pariahs, semi-feral populations, dingoes, etc.) don’t form packs. As someone who spent years solemnly repeating that dogs were pack animals, it was sobering to find out that dogs form loose, amorphous, transitory associations with other dogs.
Max & Sophia
2) If you let dogs exit doorways ahead of you, you’re letting them be dominant.
There is not only no evidence for this, there is…

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