Kinley goes to college

We have been affectionately calling the 4 week training program Kinley iskin coll going to “College.” Silly humans, I know!

I asked so many of you for your thoughts on training programs and was so happy with all of the responses. After a lot of thought, I am going to move forward with the program. I have been training with Kinley since the age of 4 months old. I did a lot right but many things wrong. My biggest hope is that she will develop more confidence. That is the area where I have fallen short. She is so trusting but often get excited or anxious I think because of some insecurities.

Most, if not all of you thought it best that I train with Kinley. I agree but also see the benefit of her working with others. After all I am a first time dog owner and not a dog trainer with 10+ years of experience.  I coach youth lacrosse and I cannot tell you how beneficial is it for the athletes to have many coaches. It makes them well rounded and we all coach in different ways.

I know that she will love the program because she is a working breed and a big fan of treats! I get to swing by daily to watch her train so that I don’t go through withdrawal. Wish us luck!

3 thoughts on “Kinley goes to college

  1. I do wish you luck but must stress that in the Post where you asked for feedback on this idea, not one person supported 3rd party training. This makes me wonder why you asked for feedback in the first place as clearly you are ignoring the responses.
    We have met with numerous trainers and a behaviorist regarding Ray’s issues and WITHOUT EXCEPTION, they all said that it is more important to train the dog owner than the dog. If you know how to train your own dog, how to read his body language, how to identify sensitive situations etc. etc., you and you dog will have a hugely improved relationship. The fact you acknowledge that your own attempts to train have only been marginally successful, simply supports the fact that it is you who needs the training. A lack of knowledge on your part should not dictate training on your dog’s part.
    I do sincerely wish you all the best, but cannot help but think that 3rd party training is not a good idea and, unfortunately, Kinley has no say in the matter

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  2. Sorry to hear your choice, especially if it is truly confidence you wish for in Kinley as separation anxiety is more likely a result. I also hope for the best, but foresee a knowledgeable, but very clingy dog in your future.

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