Two year anniversary

For most people their dog’s birthday is a big deal, but for me April 6th is the important date. Today marks two years that Kinley has been in my life.

Two years ago I picked her up and we began a crazy adventure. Below is her mom and a picture of her in the house that very day.

I never thought I could love something so much or learn so much from one little being.

kin mom kin baby 1

5 thoughts on “Two year anniversary

  1. Yes, they certainly are an education! We not only have to find out how best to prepare them for a life with us, but also can learn so much from them. Relative to us, their view of the world is quite simplistic and, in many cases, makes more sense than our view of the world! Kinley was a very cute puppy and you are very lucky to have experienced him at that stage. We have no doubt that our Ray would have also been really cute but, unfortunately, he did not come into our lives until he was a little over 2 years old.

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