Kicked out of dog daycare :(

This is our embarrassed face!   Kinley has been going to dog daycare for over 8 months. I started taking her to socialize her, build her confidence, and to have some much needed separation.

Today we tried a new dog daycare which is closer to my new job! During the 30 intake evaluation she did great! Relaxed body language and found a golden retriever to annoy. About 30 minutes after I left I got a call that she had become anxious and jumped a 5 foot wall! I don’t know if she heard me leave or heard my car engine but she was trying to find me.

Those big ears can hear way too much!

15 thoughts on “Kicked out of dog daycare :(

  1. Well you are way ahead of us if you can leave her anywhere! We haven’t had lives of our own for just over two years now ……….. but we’re slowly (REALLY slowly) getting him comfortable on his own.

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  2. Yikes! I never had a dog with separation anxiety. Sounds tough on the poor thing. I always have 2 or three dogs so they keep each other company and they are a pack. I wonder if that has anything to do with it? But I really don’t know. Good luck!

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