Guilty dog mom seeking guidance!

Hey Bloggoverse,

My almost 2 year old Shepherd has an abundance of energy. So, I am hoping to hear what you guys do structure wise as well as exercise wise for your dogs.

I know she is under stimulated and I would love to be a better owner. So what are your morning/evening routines? And tips for creating calm times in the house?

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7 thoughts on “Guilty dog mom seeking guidance!

  1. The GSD need jobs. A little obedience work might be helpful. You can also lay little tracks for her to follow occasionally. It looks like she has a friend. Perhaps you can lay a track for her friend and the other owner can lay a track for your pup. Tracking comes natural for the GSD and is very rewarding for them. It will focus her while she is tracking and she’ll feel very satisfied finding a reward at the end of the track!

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  2. Ray generally gets at least one long walk (1-1/2 to 2hrs) a day. If that is not possible he’ll get two shorter walks. If that is not possible we spend time revisiting his training. Remember that dogs use up a lot of energy following scents so let him burn off some energy by following his nose. If you can pick up the pace to a steady jog, or even a short sprint, he will burn off a lot of energy (and probably frustrations) keeping up with you! My general perspective is to remember that taking Ray for a walk is for his benefit (rather than mine) so I often let him pick the route, stop and sniff as desired etc. etc.

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  3. It can be hard to give animals the attention they want/need ALL the time. So I think the key is finding a way for YOU to enjoy it as well. When weather permits, get outdoors and go someplace you’ve never been. Your pup will love it and so will you. With any luck they’ll be tuckered out by the time you get home and you can relax a bit. During the winter, if your house allows it, you can play fetch indoors while you watch a movie! I frequently play video games while playing fetch with my Golden Retriever. Shes thrilled and I know shes getting some of that seemingly never ending energy out. Good luck!

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  4. We have several short training sessions everyday of tricks they already know, and are always working on new tricks with the pups…for example, I’m currently working on building up the number of leg weaves Kasper can do in a row, and with Zoey I’m working on her resting her chin in my palm on command.

    Tricks such as leg weaves, jumping on / off furniture, going from sit – lie down – sit again (doggy press-ups!) do great at tiring our pups out 😀

    We also (separately) feed meals from puzzle toys to get their brains thinking, such as the Kong wobbler or Buster cube. And hide and seek games are awesome, we simply tell the dog to ‘wait’ (or put them in another room if it’s not solid enough) then hide a handful of treats / kibble around the room. Both our pups know the command ‘find it’, and have learnt to search on top of and under things!

    And of course games such as fetch, tug of war etc etc… 🙂

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  5. These are all great ideas and ones I’ve been told to use for our GS puppy. 8 months old. Another thing I do is I hide behind doors and call him to come. When he finds me I give him a treat. It’s been a big help when we’re outside and I need to call him in. But get your dog to run. GS’s love to run and that will tire him out. Munson could play fetch all day. He goes out at least once a day for a big game. Good luck. They are a ton of work, aren’t they?

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  6. My dog has a lot of nervous energy and can be a bit destructive if not given proper exercise. We take her for 1/2 hour to 40 minutes walk two times a day. I usually jog with her so that we both burn lot of energy. I have heard that jogging is one of the best ways to exercise GSDs and collies. Works great for my dog.
    In winter afternoons we leave her for short durations in our yard (albeit a small one) where she runs around chasing strays and her play ball.

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