Blinker (turn signal) anxiety ???

Kinley loves the car! In her almost two years of life she has driven over 100 hours from North Carolina to New York and back. We have made countless trips to the store, vet, dinners out, dog daycare, and any where else that allows dogs!
She is an almost perfect passenger until I use my blinker.
She gets antsy, whines, and becomes on high alert.
I assume she equates the blinker with arrival. But she is usually mistaken.

What are your dogs crazy car antics/habits?


5 thoughts on “Blinker (turn signal) anxiety ???

  1. Sammie loves hanging her head out the window to smell what’s on the wind. And when we pull up to the dog park or another place where there is a dog, she whines and whines for us to let her out and play!! She never whines like that otherwise…

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