14 thoughts on “Brushing your dog’s teeth?? Thoughts?

    • I’m a 9 year old Maltese who has, for the first time developed some plaque and gum soreness at one back tooth,. I eat all the right food. The vet suggested special food called TD (in Australia) which has a better shape to fit around tooth when they eat it. Of course it is more expensive but the alternative is an anaesthetic and scale and clean in six months or loose the tooth eventually. Mum is going to ask me to try it KoKo Potter

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  1. I got a late start with Eko and had to battle some plaque, but now brush both Eko and Penny’s teeth at least a couple times a week. Between that and some regular time with the antlers it helps keep their teeth in shape for the long run. Takes a while to get into the routine, but now it’s a quick job.

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  2. We were recommended to offer Ray rutabaga. It is very coarse to eat and he loves it such that he happily chomps away and ………… yes ………… he has lovely white teeth as a result!


  3. It’s probably different dog by dog and what yo can get them used to. I tried the toothbrush but Kali didn’t like it and just wanted to chew on it. I use the rubber finger brushes and she tolerates that much better. I’ve also had success with just wrapping some gauze around my finger and brushing with that. Good luck!


  4. Thanks for all the comments. We are going to try it out. Kinley has chipped quite a few teeth on her antlers and bones. Nothing to be concerned about but has this happened to any of you?


  5. It can save you money in the long run/your dog’s teeth. I adopted mine at 6, and two of her teeth were bad enough she had to have them pulled. I’ve been brushing her teeth irregularly since but have not had to get any more teeth removed.

    Mine tolerates it, but sone dogs enjoy it quite a bit actually!

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