My dream breed…or so I thought

2014-2015 ;) 1131Ever since I can remember, I had always wanted a Golden Retriever. These cuddly, sweet, eager to please pups seem to be the best match for my personality. Sadie, pictured left, is my sisters 8 year old golden. She is one of the many Goldens that I came into contact with over the years and immediately stole my heart.

Through out my life I had been around Shepherds too. Cindy, was the first and only dog that bit me. She was old and cranky and I was young and most likely annoying. Then there was Packer, my best friend’s dog. Her step dad was a warden at a jail and Packer was his well trained companion. I encounter these dogs and at the time it meant very little to me.

Then I met Jackie. An all black Shepherd who was own by a man I was trying to win over. It took me about 6 months of obedience and correction on all the mistakes I was making, to learn how to behave and handle Jackie. With time I became confident and he grew to like me as well.

This dog was loyal, smart, athletic, a real companion that was able to come along for any ride or trip. But even with those stellar qualities, did I want an independent dog who didn’t need the affection that I so badly wanted from a dog companion?

I am so happy that I chose a Shepherd. Kinley is more than I could ever ask for in a dog companion and continues to impress me everyday. She will often join me on the couch for a quick cuddle and luckily allows me to drag her to the top of the bed every morning to cuddle for about 5 minutes while she is still to sleepy to realize it is almost time to go outside and eat!

What was your dream breed and what do you have now???


8 thoughts on “My dream breed…or so I thought

  1. This made me stop and think for a moment, as I have and had some pretty amazing dogs; all of which I wanted that breed of dog. The only two other breeds I would love to have is a Whippet and an Irish Wolfhound.

    The Whippet will always be a dream dog though, as I cannot provide the proper exercise for a racing dog. I suppose I am not the only one who would love to have a dog that just simply does not fit in to their lifestyle.


  2. Good q. I had tons of dog breed books as a child and read up on all the breeds. I was convinced I wanted a Beagle. My parents didn’t want the responsibility of a dog, so I actually didn’t have dogs until I was married, and will not be without them ever again. I currently have a Rott/Lab mix and a Lab mix. 🙂 At some point I’d love a full Rottie (what a magnificent breed). I’m also perfectly fine with a shelter dog of any mix if there is a good connection.

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    • I can relate to this! No dogs in my life until last year, and then a Shepherd/Rotti from our local shelter. He has been challenging but is so affectionate (with us) now. Still lots of work to do but we love him to death!

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  3. Hi , I am the best dream breed – a Maltese Shih Tzu! Small, cuddly and very friendly.

    Sadly my human Mum and I were attacked six months ago by an Alsation that had walked out of his beackyard. i was badly injured but have recovered now. My mum is still a bit traumatised and scared of big dogs. I know they can be friendly but this one was never walked. KoKo

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