Top Ten Dog Behavior Myths

Some where along the way while educating and getting educated we have created absolutes. I love this post because it reminds us to not fall into that trap.
There have been so many times when people have told me that Kinley just wants to please me. Dont’ get me wrong, Kinley loves me but she doesn’t do much to try to please me. She loves to play, eat, explore, and she is prey motivated. I have seen dogs who live for affection and praise (lots of Goldens) but my dog does not. I am almost positive that she would be content if we never touched or spoke. She loves my presence.


This is a post made by Jean Donaldson (see link below).  I have added the pictures of Max and Sophia just because I like them.

Jean Donaldson’s “Top 10 Dog Behavior Myths”

Jean Donaldson is the founder of the San Francisco SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers. Her books include The Culture Clash, Dogs Are From Neptune and MINE! A Guide to Resource Guarding in Dogs.

1) Dogs are naturally pack animals with a clear social order.
This one busts coming out of the gate as free-ranging dogs (pariahs, semi-feral populations, dingoes, etc.) don’t form packs. As someone who spent years solemnly repeating that dogs were pack animals, it was sobering to find out that dogs form loose, amorphous, transitory associations with other dogs.
Max & Sophia
2) If you let dogs exit doorways ahead of you, you’re letting them be dominant.
There is not only no evidence for this, there is…

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