7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday… CatDog

  1. I’ve never thought that keeping your dog off your couch was necessary, as long as the rest of the household agreed. The idea always seemed an invention concocted by people who were a little too narrow-minded, or perhaps fastidious. As long as Kinley listens to you and stays off when you need her to (guests, etc), hey, why not!


  2. Our rule has always been no dogs on the couch unless invited. We got them a memory foam bed we found on groupon which has helped them stay off. The rule helps when we take them to other people’s houses because the rules stay consistent no matter where we go.

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  3. My rule is no dogs on the couch— partly because the cats are a little terrified of the dog, and I’m reserving the high-up places for them, as a refuge from him. Also, I have many throw pillows on my couch (it’s that kind of couch) and he destuffs things when he’s bored. I’m already getting enough of picking up stuffing from his belongings— I get really grumpy when the stuffing was in mine.

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