Things that make me laugh

  • This picture ———–>boneeeeee
  • When they attempt to pick up a stick while stepping on it with their paw. They look at you like “this thing suddenly weighs 50lbs???”
  • How hard it is to pick up a Frisbee sometimes!
  • When a bone pokes the inside of their mouth and suddenly they think it is alive and attacking them!
  • Any time these agile creatures fall (hehehe)

What do your dogs do that cracks you up???

2 thoughts on “Things that make me laugh

  1. My blue heeler mix had a stick that was shaped like a Y the other day and somehow was carrying it so one of the branches was hitting the back of her head when she ran. If you think a dog thought a stick was alive and attacking them when it poked them in the mouth, this was a whole another level and an absolute joy to watch, especially coming from an insanely smart dog.

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