10 thoughts on “Microchip?

  1. Since we got Sammie from the animal shelter, she came microchipped. We would have to pay to have the contact info changed from the animal shelter to us, and we opted not to do that (at least not yet – I’ll probably pay it eventually). I’m honestly glad she’s microchipped, just in case the unthinkable happened. It’s almost like an insurance policy, which I’ve also considered investing in. I guess I’ve read too many reunion stories made possible by microchipping to come up with any reason NOT to have it done.

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  2. The last dog I rescued also came microchipped. Must tell you something if the rescue groups are including it in the adoption fee. My vet double checked with this handy dandy wand thingy and sure enough, was able to read that there was a chip. Then they would call the registering company and get my name and address. I think it is probably a good idea. Let us know what you decide and this is a very good question and issue! Thanks!

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  3. I think we HAVE to have our dogs microchipped in Aus, or breeders can’t sell them (??) plus you get cheaper registration here… I think it would be very unusual for a dog to not be microchipped down here.

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  4. Oh wow, I agree with the above comment, its not really debatable here in the UK. In fact from 2016 we have new legislation that states your dog must be microchipped. Some rescues are offering it for free or some just a small fee of around £5.
    I know its an awful thought but you just don’t know what could happen, plus ID tags can fly off.

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  5. Even Marty and Ralphie are chipped on the off chance they would get out. Peace of mind is priceless. Would hate to have something happen and lose any of my kids! Just make sure you update the microchip site when you change address. With the home again I was even able to put in Mazie’s health problems.


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