Over the last 2 months I have noticed Kinley barking more. Her second birthday is right around the corner and I am trying to nip this problem in the bud!
Have any of you experienced this problem and any thoughts or words of advice?


10 thoughts on “Barking

  1. Unfortunately, I don’t have any advice. Munson is only 6 months old and already has a lot to say. Like, “hey, why’d you put me in my house? I’m still playing.” Or “hey, weird person in the street.” or “Hey, someone’s on the front porch and they’re opening the door!!!!” Or, “I can bark louder than you can.” I just wish I knew which was which.


  2. There’re 2 possibilities:
    1. She’s getting more alert with age and barks to ward off the slightest signal of an intrusion in her territory, OR,
    2. She is suffering from some sort of an anxiety herself.
    Ask her to stop with a strict “NO” or “QUIET” if she barks too much.

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  3. So, when is she barking? Someone, dog, etc outside? When she is walking with you? Arbitrarily, or it appears that way and probably isn’t? Aggressively? Fearful? To simply prevent her from barking (which most GSD owners would consider a good thing that their pup is becoming more observant of surroundings and willing to notify you of intruders in your environment) you may be creating more of a problem if you do not quantify and qualify her actions. The why of her barking should be understood before action to prevent, rather than redirect, is made. Barking is not a problem. Your reaction is more of a problem for Kinley. She is doing what she is supposed to do, and you need to understand her “why” before you possibly create a larger problem in your relationship with her.

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    • Well said! You are so right.
      I saw an increase in barking at night time when staying at my boyfriend’s house who lives in a very rural area. Lots of animals, racoons specifically, and sounds. I love that she alerts me but i would like to be able to reel her in quicker. She seems to continue barking for an extended period of time after i tell her otherwise.
      She also has a hard time when she sees my roommates approaching outside and when they enter. She is so overly arroused.
      It’s a bit frustrating because our GSD friend Jackie has so much confidence and does not respond in that manner.
      Another example.. I closed the door to the laundry room and when I re-entered 2 minutes later Kinley must have forgotten because she bark at me.
      If this is fear, i feel awful! I want a confident happy pup!


      • Okay–so, of a dog’s senses, which are it’s best/worse? Hearing, smell, sight, I believe in that order. So if Kinley is behind a door, she won’t know it’s you until you open the door. Same with your roommates. Also with your roommates, you might suggest they enter with a biscuit for Kinley–this could sensitive Kinley to regarding them less as intruders after they enter. As regarding her barking before you enter, generally, this is a good trait. It acts as a deterrent to a real intruder. But this action on her part does not indicate she is an aggressive dog. It indicates she is an alert dog. It’s her actions after you or a friend enters that you need to be aware of. So far it appears thar Kinley is doing a good job, perhaps more successfully for her breed than Jackie, but this is only conjecture on my part since I am not there. For her outdoor behavior, she is very alert, and removing her from the environment will obviously help, as well as working to redirect her energies when she is outside.

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      • Thank you so much for your thoughts! I never looked at it that way! I feel much better after hear your perspective and you are right she is doing a great job!
        I ll let you know how the treats go!


  4. I used a tin can with change in it to reduce the amount of barking Chase was doing.

    I would shake the can and say “No Bark”. I eventually got three of them so I could have one near me no matter where I was. Today, I pretty much never use it and can just say “No Bark” and he will usually stop.

    I am not a yell-er so the can was a great way to get Chase to pay attention and listen to me. I had tried a dog whistle previously, but he just ignored it.

    I only shook the can for instances when I felt he was either barking excessively (for example, a neighbor closes a car door once and he is still barking 30 seconds later) or there was no need to bark at all (I had to desensitize him to the sounds of my TV, he use to bark at the TV all the time – he now knows the difference between a doorbell on TV and the actual doorbell). If someone knocks on the door or comes into the house I never used the can because I viewed that as an appropriate time for a dog to bark.

    This is what worked for Chase, but every dog is different so this may be completely ineffective for other dogs. Good luck 🙂


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