IMG_0119Let me explain this photo… While taking a pit stop, we let the dogs out to play. They love each other but get on each others nerves all the time!!! This picture is the result of Jackie (the all black GSD) growling at Kinley. We always put both dogs into settle when the play becomes (what we deem) aggressive or dominate.

It is a time out, in the hope to curb the behavior. I’m sure that most of you who have multiple dogs can relate and have experienced some bad behaviors multiplying or escalating. I suppose it is easier to be naughty when you have a partner in crime.

Side note: Kinley is in a pretty good settle, minus her head angled up in order to see Jackie. Jackie on the other hand is up anticipating being released. Also, Kinley has a long leash on because her recall is a bit spotty sometimes.

One thought on “Settle

  1. Yup, a little over exuberance can start trouble so a good preemptive settle is a nice way to defuse things. Penny is entering her puppy-teen phase so we’re going to have plenty of opportunities to practice.


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