Atlanta, our favorite pet friendly get-away spot

For the past 2 years now, Atlanta has been our favorite place for a pet friendly stay. The Indigo Hotel located in the center of Midtown is extremely pet friendly and allows our two large German Shepherds with a $25.00 pet fee. The hotel is only a few minutes from Piedmont Park. With its two large, size segregated dog parks it is dog paradise. Right outside the park you can find bike rentals which we have taken advantage of.

What’s your favorite pet friendly city?


2 thoughts on “Atlanta, our favorite pet friendly get-away spot

  1. A $25 pet fee for two dogs sounds wonderful! We haven’t gone on many overnights with our dogs that aren’t tent camping, mainly because it’s hard to find those pet-friendly/wallet friendly places to stay. I live in Eugene, Oregon, and it’s very much a dog friendly place, although downtown actually still has a ban against walking dogs on the street. Haven’t been able to figure that one out yet, given that a LOT of Eugenians are dog owners and lovers.


    • That is so strange! I love camping with the dogs as well but it’s nice to have a weekend away where someone makes your bed too 🙂
      Have you tried You can find pet friendly cabins and hotels in your area.

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