Boy, can we clear a dog park!

2014-2015 ;) 308There is nothing more embarrassing then your dog behaving badly.

For the most part Kinley’s behavior is pretty consistent. She was an angel this past weekend at the large dog park. Last night however, we went to a small local park where there were 3 other dogs. Kinley was a little over the top and aggressive. Let out a few barks and as a result 2 of the dogs left within about 1 minute of our arrival. I felt awful and have no clue what was different this time over others times.


10 thoughts on “Boy, can we clear a dog park!

  1. Who knows what all the different energies amount to. I don’t bring my girls to the dog park for that reason. Stresses me out. We always opt for a walk. Also, it amazes me how owners of tiny dogs still being their dogs to general dog parks. Prey drive is very real. Turns one of my furries from a sniffly lover dog to a psycho hunter.


  2. Sometimes it is the mix of dogs and sometimes it is the excitement level of your dog before you even enter the park. If your dog is whining before you even enter the park, wait a couple minutes before you enter to let him calm down. You will feel the energy change as you stand there calmly.

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  3. I have a 6 month GSD and we just experienced the same thing! took her the dog park she started barking at the other dogs so they left, then took her for a walk and she started barking at a couple of young girls, very embarrassing!


    • I feel your pain! My advice is put her in “settle” when she barks. It’s like a dog time out. And once she slows her breathing and calms down let her play again.
      My first time putting Kinley in settle took about 10 mins! She couldn’t figure out what we were doing lol
      (Settle: lay the dog on her side, tail must be relaxed and not between her legs. If it is, gentle remove it. All four paws should be relaxed and not ridged and touching the floor. Head down on the ground) It is a good idea to say settle in a calm voice repeatedly so she knows everything is okay. And I end by saying free!
      It is such a great command for a big dog!

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  4. You never know what she sensed in the other dogs. I don’t think it’s something to be embarrassed about–she’s “in training” and you’re working with her 🙂 I love love love GSs, and she’s a beautiful girl! (By the way, thanks for following Buddy The Wonder Dog on WordPress!! I’m glad to “meet” you!)


  5. When I first rescued my Kali I hired a personal trainer to train me on the basics of training Kali (“watch” sit, stay, come, leash behavior, etc.). But the greatest thing I learned was to get inside my dogs head when she is acting a certain way to understand what’s going on. When I described a certain behavior that occurred on a walk to my trainer he said something like, “yeah – well it’s scary for her; new smells, dogs barking around the neighborhood, unfamiliar ground. She’s telling you she’s scared and she wants you to do something about it”. That’s just one example, but the point is not to take your dog for granted; like us they are individuals and have good days, bad days, and more than anything else expect us as the alpha to make them feel safe; they need to know we “have their back” under all circumstances.

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