Remembering the basics

Often times, I feel guiltily about the amount I train or work with Kinley. Last night we went for an off leash walk, working on recall and when returning home we did something similar to the video below. In total, we worked for about 15 minutes.

As we were walking I was thinking and feeling guilty but then I remembered what I first learn in obedience when Kinley was about 4 months old. I was told to work with Kinley for about 10 minutes a day. At the time this was wonderful advice for someone like myself because I was inexperienced but very driven. Personally, I feel bad if I run 1 mile and not 4 or if I only put $300.00 into my savings instead of $500.00. My point is, often times we shy away from things and lose discipline when we already feel like we have failed or lost.

10 minutes is better than no minutes! Remember the basics, don’t beat yourself up, and do your best!

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