The battle vs. separation anxiety rages on

scaredThe battle vs. separation anxiety continues. Sunday night while walking with a friend, Jackie dog, myself, and Kinley dog to visit a Redbox, Kinley hit an all time low.

After getting a DVD I thought it would be a good idea to switch dogs and walk separately with the street dividing us. So, with Jackie in hand, I began to walk and my friend took Kinley across the road and got some distance. It didn’t take long for the whining and barking to start. I did my best to continue on and not turn to give any positive reinforcement to this unwanted behavior. Keep in mind, the distance from Redbox to the house is about a half mile and a straight shot none the less.

I arrived home with Jackie and waited for the other 2 to arrive.

My friend walked through the door and said that Kinley bite him. She did not break that skin but while being put into settle for the whining and barking, she reached up and got his forearm.

One step forward, two steps back.

2 thoughts on “The battle vs. separation anxiety rages on

  1. So sorry to hear that she got so upset and worried that she threatened him back with her teeth. I bet this made everyone very upset.
    I hope you would like suggestions… I suggest baby steps (because the issues can multiply !. separation anxiety, 2. aggression…). Start with a much smaller distance, one that is small enough that she will take food when offered and is not whining or showing other signs of anxiety then return and praise. And work up to distance … note I feel handlers need to earn the right to punish by rewarding enough for the desired behavior that there is no question about what is being asked for (she obviously didn’t feel he had the right). Plus is it reasonable to punish for symptoms of anxiety? All the best to you, hope this helps.


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