Getting my nails did

2014 fall 306I do all of Kinley’s grooming. I trim her nails about once a month if needed, usually just taking a little bit off. Nothing drastic.

Kinley’s friend Jackie on the other hand (who also has never been to a groomer either) barley tolerates getting his nails cut. The dramatics are pretty intense.

I put Jackie in settle and straddle the 95 lbs pup. Putting very little pressure on him but not allowing him to squirm.

Alright people… your turn. What are your nail trimming rituals.

4 thoughts on “Getting my nails did

  1. It takes a bit of training for the pups to get comfortable, but I used a nail grinder on my two. It’s quick, painless and eliminates any risk of cutting into the quick. Takes around 5 minutes to quickly do both dogs once a week. I call it their spa day.


  2. When I visit my vet and tell the world via “Check-In” on Facebook, I get a free nail trim from them! That way I don’t have to try and wrestle our 65lb. baby (no way Aaron would help) but it’s still free. Speaking of which, I need to schedule that…


  3. I have found that holding a handful of Cheerios while using my other hand to trim Echo’s nails works. She HATES having her nails trimmed. The treat system works though…even though I think she’s just a master of manipulation (and I thought I was manipulating her into sitting still! Should have known…). 🙂


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