Hi fellow bloggers!

I need your help! Kinley is 1 year and eight months and as of about 3 weeks ago she has been very itchy. It is not fleas! She is itching everywhere; it is not isolated to one area. There are quarter size scabs and raw patches everywhere.

I have started putting fish oil in her food but no signs of improving yet.

Any thoughts or suggestions on what I can do to help her would be greatly appreciate.

2 thoughts on “Help!!!

  1. Possibly allergies? Dogs do develop allergies to many things–seasonal (trees, grasses and various weeds right now) Or it could be hot spots? Either way, keep the areas dry and trim hairs away from the scabs, then go to the vet. Hope this helps


  2. Sorry for Kinley – so itchy. Ellen above is right it could be allergy. Hot spots usually are on neck or hip (thick coat zones) and usually just prior to big shed out times and these wouldn’t be itchy all over, more likely painful. Contact dermatitis usually on underbelly, elbows, chin or any part that contacted the substance. Staph more often on thinner haired areas that got scratched by brush/grass or contaminated pool/water, but could happen cuz of scratching. Demodetic mange unlikely at her age. Sarcoptic? your vet would check.
    When I have had a dog exhibit wide areas of skin irritation I wash them thoroughly and remove anything new that they may have (bedding, flea products, collar…). If it doesn’t seem infected I might use a mild hydrocortisone product (spray/cream) or witch hazel. If it seems possibly infected then tea tree wash or dilute peroxide or chlorohexadine. If they are scratching lots I’ll put a thundercoat on them – which helps many dogs even with allergic skin issues and give Benadryl.
    I have known dogs to develop allergy to their spot on flea product, fyi.
    Well you’ve probably already gone to your vet… but good luck.


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