To bite train, or not to bite train

That is the question.

I am fascinated by bite training. It is a very intense thing and a controversial topic. My initial thought on it was, “how will this change the dog’s?” It would have to change the dog’s personality right.

Boy, was I wrong. Recently, while at The Dog Knowledge I had the opportunity to ask the owner about bite training. Lucky for me she had her dog on site and they were just about to start their training and she invited me to watch.

Her dog was so sweet, calm, and confident. He came right up to Kinley and was sweet and I even pet him. She told me that in order for a dog to do bite training they have to be completely confident and not afraid. Fear is a dangerous thing when it comes to dogs. She went on the tell me that if any stranger walked in her home her large, male shepherd would probably lick them. It is only when she says the command that the dog would react.

What you cannot see in the video is how happy the dog is. After each repetition he would strut away tail waging. He loves training!

3 thoughts on “To bite train, or not to bite train

  1. I shutzhund trained my GSD– tracking, obedience and protection– and as you saw, it only improves your companion– he became more attentive,more attached to me. And he was the sweetest dog, absolutely loved people, but followed commands, and was great at the bite– also had a great bark! But always, always, was a sweetheart first! Your blog is great– interesting, not too long, wonderful photos.


  2. With any question of training, research it thoroughly. This means that while listening to professional trainers is important, also consult with trainers who do not have a business interest in you. Suggest your local humane society/rescue organization for impartial advice. They also see the results of irresponsible security/protection training as dogs are turned in and/or abandoned due to the owners being unable to control them.

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