Elevated Dog Bed …Fail!


I was feeling extra crafty last week so I decided to wing it and build an elevated dog bed. You can see my epic fail above. My 65lb dog was no match for this poorly build dog bed.

dog cratedone

After spending sometime on Pinterest, I decided that a pallet would be my best bet. I stacked 2 pallets together (that I found on the side of the road). Nailed a thin, cheap dog bed to the top and covered it with a blanket that is secured with nails as well. As you can see Kinley’s paws do not touch the ground when on the pallets. This is perfect for teaching “place”. Anytime after the command is given that she touches the ground she is corrected with a loud no and placed back where she should be.

My Goal:

1. Make her comfortable with the elevated pallet

2. Work on have her “place” for 5 minutes, then 10 minutes and so on.

3. Move the exercise outside and repeat.

4. Remove my presence during the exercise.

Hopefully, after a few weeks she will confidently place with out feeling separation anxiety.

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