Kinley’s first heat and getting spayed

2012-2014 pics 10096 Months is the recommended  age to have a female puppy spayed. I had been contemplating letting Kinley go through her first heat for the health benefits, to help her growth, and in the hopes that it would make her more mature. There is a lot of information out there and truthfully none of it helped me with my decision. The opinions I listened to were those of close friends and my first obedience instructor.

Kinley went into heat at 7 months old. The heat lasted about 30 days. I used a cloth dog diaper which helped but she hated having it on at night.

About 2 months after her heat was finished I got her spayed. In the picture above you can see that she looked a bit silly shaved. I went without a t-shirt or a cone because I was told by the vet the German Shepherd’s generally do bite or lick their stiches. And they were right about that in Kinley’s case.

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