Obedience 12-16 months – Recall, Tracking, and Big Dreams


Kinley in the background while playing with a big red ball and another shepherd at The Dog Knowledge

2014-2015 ;) 343

Inside The Dog Knowledge


Our most recent training lead us to The Dog Knowledge. My goal was to brush up on Kinley’s basic obedience and work her recall. For those of you who do not speak “obedience” recall is when you get the dog to come to you from any distance in any environment. This is still a big struggle for us.

While at The Dog Knowledge we also worked on tracking. Tracking is a cool type of training because unlike most training, the dog leads and not the human. They work with little disruption from us and work really hard to use their sense of smell. Dogs have a very easy time smelling fresh baked cookie in your home but scents on the ground as opposed to in the air are much harder for them. I thought it would be a great new challenge for Kinley and she excelled right away.

Recently, we failed our Good Citizen Canine test but we are working hard on separation and building her confidence. My ultimate goal is to pass the GCC and move towards getting her certified as a Therapy dog.


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