Obedience 8-12 months – Prong Collar

2012-2014 pics 1102

Kinley on the left and her friend Archer. Archer was not the best at approaching dogs so this was the first time after weeks of training that they interacted. At 8 months you need to protect your dog from bad experiences. Her size would not have allowed her to “give it right back to Archer.” And a bad experience under 1 year of age could really stunt the dog.

At 8 months old Kinley was introduced to a prong collar. This age was not planned. We happened to be hiking with another shepherd and after being pulled one to many times we put the prong collar on her and boom! Problem solved!

Our training shifted from Statesville to Charlotte NC. A friend was starting a training club after a local Obedience expert had left the area. Man, was this perfect timing.

I was taught proper use of the prong collar and some more advanced training.

  • Heel
  • Stop
  • About (in a heel you turn to your left to change directions and the dog goes behind you to remain in heel
  • figure 8’s in heel with distraction
  • using playgrounds for obstacles
  • Settle

The Settle command was one to the greatest things I learned. When a bad behavior such as humping, aggressive behavior, barking, occurs the dog is placed on its side. The head is down, all four paws are loose and touching the ground, and the tails is not tucked under but relaxed. After the dog is calm and holds all of these features for 30 seconds they are then released. It is essentially a dog time out! It is all so great for grooming and more importantly a good relax position for your dog to be in if they are hurt and you need to examine them.

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