Obedience: Age 4-8 months

2012-2014 pics 766Our first stop in our quest for obedience was to Statesville, NC to meet Kim with Trainingcanines.com

The picture to the right shows you where our first session took place. That day Kinley was introduced to a new place, treats, and of course Bernard. Mr. B is a English Mastiff. After getting acclimated with her surroundings, Kim put on a CD of different noises/triggers to see what Kinley’s fear and personality was like. Sounds of thunder, fireworks, vaccum cleaners and many more played. This was a great baseline to have. And Kinley did well with all the noises.Today Kinley is nervous in the presence of garbage bags and one particular baby gate. In case you were wondering.

Kim introduced us to Clicker training. Clicking and treating when the dog did a wanted action and after many successful attempts putting a word to the action. It was an incredibly positive environment for a puppy. Training at this age is all about basic obedience but mostly socialization.  

What we learned:

  • sit, down, stay, come
  • touch (the dog puts it’s nose to your open palm)
  • walking on a leash
  • separation



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