Canine Good Citizen Test …. Fail!

photoAt a year and seven months I decided to have Kinley take the Canine Good Citizen test at The Dog Knowledge. Listed below are the activities and how we did.

  • 1. Accepting a friendly stranger – Pass
  • 2. Sitting politely for petting – Pass
  • 3. Appearance and grooming – Pass
  • 4. Out for a walk – Pass
  • 5. Walking through a crowd -Pass
  • 6. Sit and down command and staying in place – Pass
  • 7. Coming when called – Pass
  • 8. Reaction to another dog – “iffy” but Passed
  • 9. Reaction to distraction – Pass
  • 10. Supervised Separation – FAIL

We will spend the next few months working on the separation anxiety and I hope to pass the CGC test before Kinley’s second birthday!


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