Puppy Ninja

I did not want to use a crate.

As you can see from the picture below, I was now the owner of an adorable 12 week old, 19lb puppy. We got acclimated to one another and the next big step was getting her comfortable with being alone while I headed to work. I began taking short trips out of the apartment to show her I would soon return.

The second photo you see is of the small space I created for her in the kitchen. A baby gate blocked the rest of the house and she had toys, my t-shirt, a bed etc. Well little did I know that my dog could clear about 5 ft in one jump. I was so determined to go without a crate. Now this brings us to picture 3. I barricaded the kitchen to keep her in there. I did not want to get up or give in. I needed to say disciplined and stick with the program.

She jumped this too. Kinley is now a year and 6 months and is crated. She won that battle.



2012-2014 pics 491 2012-2014 pics 5122012-2014 pics 1134

2012-2014 pics 513

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