The man who started it all.


I first laid eyes on Jackie when he was 4 months old. Being completely clueless about dogs, I rushed up to him and in a high pitched voice began talking to him and petting him aggressively. In the chaos I created, Jackie scratched the2012-2014 pics 156 back of my leg from knee to ankle. I began to bleed. Lesson number one!

Fast forward to a few months later and Jackie and I became fast friends. I learned so much from Jackie and his owner. My body language became upright and confident. My voice became assertive and strong. I learned:

  • sit, stay, down, and come
  • heel and about
  • up and off (this one is tricky. Many people will yell down when a dog jumps on a couch. The correct word is off)

I learned how important it is to instill confidence in a dog. That they thrive off of your confidence and look to you as their leader.

I could go on and on but most of all Jackie taught me that German Shepherd’s are the breed for me.

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