The beginning of everything.

April 6th, 2013 I began my drive to Fayetteville,NC to pick up a 12 week old, female, black and tan, German Shepherd puppy. I was so nervous! My experience with dogs was minimal to say the least. So equipped with a laundry basket, blanket, and a purple stuffed animal hippo, I was on my way.

I exited the car to see two breeding female’s onsite and one male. 5 female puppies were penned in a sketchy arrangement. The breeder had hurt her back and had little interaction with the pups. With that information and observing an active, electric wire that set 1 foot off the ground, I completely understood why the puppies were displaying fear. As you can imagine, I didn’t have the TV version where all the dogs run up to you and you are knocked over by tiny bodies full of excitement and energy. We struggled to even get near the puppies. At this point my plan was to find “the one” and get the heck out of there.

The future Kinley took a break from running and plopped right down. Active yet mellow? We ran around trying to catch her, after doing so I took a tick cover dog to my car and sped away.

This was the beginning of the journey into pet ownership,  that I have been on for a year and a few months now. My intension is to blog about all of my ups and downs as a new dog owner and the joys and pains that have come along the way.


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